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Message from the Chief

I am honored to serve as your Chief and to lead a team of dedicated, professional Officers and Administrative Staff who work daily to protect and serve the place we call home. We take great pride in serving our community where neighbors help neighbors, and where we rely on each other to uphold the principles of goodness and respect for others. 

We appreciate the support of our city residents and your efforts to assist the Police Department. Community policing is key to helping our department maintain safety and protection for all City residents. The Police Department's website provides an avenue for the public to submit information or tips to our Department via email to assist with these community policing efforts. If you have a non-emergency concern or information you'd like to share, please submit it to us.

The website also serves as a 24/7 tool for our team to communicate to our residents. We are committed to providing these tools to our community, to increase the transparency of our department. If there is any information that you need that is not currently provided through our website, please let us know.

Again, I am honored to serve as your Chief and appreciate your support.