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The Department's K-9 team provides specialized law enforcement in the patrol environment by assisting in situations where the safety of officers or the general public is at risk.

The Maumelle Police Department currently has 2 dog teams.  The Department utilizes K-9 officers for various high-risk situations as building and open area searches, tracking of suspects, evidence location, search and rescue, as well as drug interdiction.  The canines are also trained to protect the handler and to hold a violent or dangerous person from escaping. The K-9 team members are on-call 24-hours a day.   

Although patrol work, narcotics detection, and maintenance training consume a major portion of the unit's time, all team members frequently perform many other assignments, including demonstrations for children's groups, school events and community organizations. They are often called upon by other agencies to assist with law enforcement related duties. 

Reliability in job performance is of paramount importance when it comes to K-9's and their duties. Their ongoing proficiency training ensures each dog will act and perform according to expectations and standards. Each K-9 and handler are required to maintenance train  to keep fresh what they have learned in the basic K-9 academies.  

Whether it be removing illegal drugs and drug proceeds from the hands of drug dealers, apprehending violent felons or returning a lost child or adult to his/her loved ones, the Maumelle Police Department K-9 teams are always ready.



Like to discuss a demonstration of our K9 Teams?

Contact Captain Dustin Ivey at 501-851-1337, X-121

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