Now Hiring 911-Public Safety Dispatcher

The Maumelle Police Department is currently accepting applications for  911-Public Safety Dispatchers.

To apply online, please follow the link below:

911-Public Safety Dispatcher Application





The Maumelle Police Department is currently accepting applications for Entry/Lateral Police Officer.  To apply online, please follow link listed below:

Entry/Lateral Police Officer Application

Written Exams Thursday, June 15, 2023, 6:30 pm (Central time)  1100 Edgewood Dr, Maumelle, AR 72113

Saturday, June 24, 2023, 9:00 am (Central time)  1100 Edgewood Dr, Maumelle, AR 72113

Candidates must arrive no later than the start time to participate in the examination. We will not make exceptions for those arriving after testing begins.





The Maumelle Police Department provides inked fingerprints for employment only by appointment only.

To schedule an appoirtment, please call 501-851-1337 ext. 103

Please bring the following:

Your photo identification (state issued driver's license or identification card) All documentation from the business/organization requesting the fingerprints Blank fingerprint cards provided by the business/organization (If fingerprint cards where not provided, we will provide them) 

Fee Schedule (CASH ONLY)

Maumelle Residents (must show proof of address with city limits) - $5.00 & $2.00 each additional card Non-Maumelle Residents employed in Maumelle or fingerprinted for employment in Maumelle - $10.00 & $5.00 each additional card Non-Maumelle Residents - $20.00 & $5.00 each additional card




Sex Offender Community Notification

Community Notification:

The Maumelle Police Department is releasing the following information pursuant to Section 13 of Act 989 of 1997, the Sex and Child Offender Registration Act and the community notification guidelines promulgated by the Commission on Abuse, which authorizes Law Enforcement Agencies to inform the public of a sex offender's release. Such information will enhance public safety and protection.

The individual who appears on this notification has been convicted of an offense that requires registration with the Arkansas Crime Information Center. Further, his/her previous criminal history places him/her in a classification level that reflects the potential to re-offend.

This Offender has advised the Maumelle Police Department that he/she will be living in the location listed in this report. HE/SHE IS NOT WANTED BY THE POLICE. THE NOTIFICATION IS NOT INTENDED TO INCREASE FEAR; RATHER IT IS OUR BELIEF AN INFORMED PUBLIC IS A SAFER PUBLIC.

The Maumelle Police Department has no legal authority to direct where a Sex Offender lives. Unless court ordered restrictions exist, this Offender is free to live where he/she chooses.

Sex Offenders have always lived in our communities, but it wasn't until this passage of the Sex and Child Offender Registration Act that law enforcement even knew where they were living. In many cases, law enforcement is now able to share the information with you. CITIZEN ABUSE OF THIS INFORMATION TO THREATEN, INTIMIDATE OR HARASS REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Further abuse could potentially end law enforcement's ability to do community notifications. We believe the only person who wins, if community notifications end are the Offender, since sex offenders derive their power through secrecy.


Based on historical data and information obtained from the risk assessment process, offenders are assigned to the following levels of risk to the general public:

LOW RISK-1: Usually these are individuals with no prior history of sexual acting out, and no strong antisocial tendencies, sexual compulsions or psychological factors impairing judgment.

MODERATE RISK-2: Usually these are individuals with limited or circumscribed prior history of sexual acting out, possess some antisocial personality characteristics, predatory tendencies, or deviant sexual interest or behavioral patterns that increase the general level of risk these offenders pose. They may have mild or well-controlled mental disorders, and/or developmental disabilities.

HIGH RISK-3: These individuals usually have histories of repeat sexual offending, and/or strong antisocial, violent or predatory personality characteristics. Sexual compulsions are likely to be present, but may be kept under control when relapse prevention plans are followed and treatment is continued. The offense patterns of these individuals reflect a relatively high probability of re-offense and/or a risk of substantial injury to victims should re-offense occur.

SEXUALLY DANGEROUS PERSON-4: These are individuals with impaired judgment or control who have sexual or violent compulsions that they lack the ability to control. This may be due to pedophilia or other disorder of sexual attraction, mental illness or personality disorder that distorts thinking, interferes with behavioral control, and predisposes the person to acts of predatory sexual violence. For additional information go to our website www.maumellpd.org click on the link for sex offender registry. The Arkansas Crime Information Center's website at www.acic.org, click on the link for sex offender registry.

The following Registered Sex Offender is moving to Maumelle:


NAME:  James Blake Causey

RISK:    Level 2

RACE:  White

SEX:     Male

HEIGHT:  5'3"

WEIGHT:  180



DATE OF BIRTH: 1/5/1993

ADDRESS: 204 Bay Point Cove, Maumelle, AR  72113

DESCRIPTION OF CRIME: This offender was convicted of Sexual Assault in the Fourth Degree on 2/2/2015. The offense involved the offender engaging in sexual contact with a 13-year-old female.

If you know of a sex offender not in compliance or if you have questions regarding a sex offender or sex offender laws, please contact Captain Jeff Sackhoff at 501-851-1337 or e-mail at jsackhoff@maumellepd.com

Anonymous tips can be submitted at www.maumellepd.org

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Cyber Crimes

The Maumelle Police Department wants to remind you that just like in real life, crimes occur online.

Children online present additional challenges because of their innocence, curiosity, and desire for independence. Common dangers encountered by children online are cyber predators, bullies, and identity theft.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has the following tips for parents on keeping their child safe online:

Be involved - supervise your child's online activities while teaching them good computer habits (consider online activities you can work on together). Consider implementing parental controls - restrict or allow certain websites to be viewed on your computer using a password (you can set some parental controls within your browser). Keep lines of communication open - let your child know they can approach you with any questions or concerns about behaviors or problems they may have encountered online. Keep your computer in an open area - easily monitor your child's computer activity in a high-traffic area. Monitor computer activity - be aware of what your child is doing on online (which websites they are visiting, who/what they are emailing, etc.). Set rules and warn about dangers - ensure your child is aware of the boundaries of what they are allowed to do on the computer (boundaries should be appropriate for the child's age, knowledge, and maturity).

For more information on how to keep your child safe online, please visit the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has the following tips for kids on how to stay safe online:

Keep your personal information private - avoid sharing your name, address, telephone number, birthday, passwords, and the name of your school when online. Keep it locked - always lock your device when you are not using it. Choose alternative screen names or email addresses - use a screen name or email address that isn't your real name (instead of "Jack Smith", use "Sk8boardKing75") Create strong passwords - include eight characters or more that use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols when creating passwords. Don't use the same password for multiple accounts, and never share your passwords with someone other than your parent or guardian. Speak up if you see something inappropriate - don't ignore inappropriate online content, tell an adult you trust. Think before you click - don't open emails from strangers and don't click on links for unfamiliar websites.

For more information on staying safe online, please view the Kids Cybersecurity Presentation from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Thank you for making our community a safer place to live and raise a family,

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Lt. John Thomas Retirement

Chief Pickard presenting Lt. John Thomas with his duty firearm and badge at his retirement ceremony. 

Lt. Thomas began his career with the Maumelle Police Department in 2003, and has served within our patrol and training divisions.

Lt. Thomas has been an asset to our department, and he will definitely be missed.  Good luck on your retirement.

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Chief Pickard Graduates from FBI National Academy

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Happy Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to serve the City of Maumelle with such an outstanding group of people. The officers and administrative support staff are dedicated, hard-working, and committed to serving our citizens. To show them that you value them as much as I do, I encourage you to give them a friendly smile or a kind word to let them know you appreciate them as much as I do. I am truly fortunate to have them by my side.

I would especially like to extend my sincerest appreciation to the residents of Maumelle. Your efforts to enhance safety and cooperation with our office help make our City a great place to live and work. I am grateful for your assistance through the crime tips hotline, website, and in person. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to the safety of our community.

My commitment to the residents of this City has never been more substantial. I will continue to work with you to improve the quality of life for each resident we serve. The support you've shown the Police Department during 2022 has been overwhelming. I am very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chief Pickard

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Citizen Police Academy

Have you ever watched the news and thought, "I wonder why the police officer did that", or questioned why the police are trained a certain way? Are you interested in getting the answers to these questions directly from your police officers? If so, the Maumelle Citizen Police Academy is for you!

The Maumelle Citizen Police Academy will start Thursday, September 15, 2022.  You must be at least 21 years of age and a resident/business owner in the City of Maumelle to attend.  Classes are held Thursday evenings from 6 PM to 9 PM for seven weeks at the Police Department.  Food is provided each night and there is not cost to attend.

Please complete the application listed on the our website.

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Back to School

Back to school time is an important event for our entire community. Students are back in class. Teachers are implementing new lesson plans for the school year. Administrators are working with budgets, school bus routes, staffing, and school safety concerns. Parents are coordinating work and school schedules, carpools and support for their student's activities and studies. Businesses are equipping families, teachers, and administrators with the supplies they need for a successful school year. Back to school is a busy time for us all.

During this busy time, please be extra cautious in traffic. Be mindful of our school traffic zones especially during the morning hours and early afternoons. Keep an extra look out for potential hazards around our schools and in neighborhoods where children play. Slow down and increase your stopping distances.

School buses are back on the road. Be aware of school bus routes in your neighborhood and throughout your daily travel. Leave plenty of time and space for buses. With school traffic, anticipate delays in your travel and leave early so you're not in a rush. And, when approaching a school zone or school bus on the road, be prepared to stop for bus and pedestrian traffic.

I want to thank all of you who help make our education system an integral, positive force in our community. Our children are counting on us - let's work together to make "back to school" a rewarding, fun, and safe time for all Maumelle City residents.


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